The Non-Surgical Facelift delivers firmer, fresher and more youthful looking skin. It tightens facial muscles, helping to treat fine lines and wrinkles. The Non-Surgical Facelift produces immediate and dramatic results and can be used as an anti-ageing treatment for the face and neck. It works by using tiny micro currents that stimulate muscle tone and enhance skin tissue. It combines waveform technology, with the naturally occurring bio-electric current of the body, to achieve instantly visible results on sagging muscles and skin.

What is it all about?

CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) Face lifts involve the usage of the CACI where a series of mild electric pulses are used to stimulate the 32 muscles in your face which results in an actual workout of all your muscles. Customers often describe it as an energised or warm sensation on the skin and is virtually painless.

During the procedure the therapists use cotton covered prongs over the muscles to manipulate and train the muscles to work. With age our muscles tend to lose tone, these stimulants activate the muscles.

The conductive gel used during the process is infused with vitamins that have both moisturizing and healing properties that enhance and support the toning part of the process.

Summary of your treatment


All forms of cancer, pregnancy, epilepsy, diabetes, heart condition/cardiac pacemaker, thrombosis, facial implants (if treating face), skin disease (avoid area), skin lesions, recent surgery (performed within the last 6 months), Areas being treated with Botox® (wait 3 months) or dermal fillers (wait 2 weeks) should be avoided. Note: Anti-depressants, high blood pressure and other muscle relaxants may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.
2What happens after I have finished a course of treatments?
After a course of CACI Non-Surgical Facial Toning treatments you will see real improvements in how your skin looks and feels. Your facial contours will look lifted and toned with a fresher, more youthful appearance. If you stop treatments, the results will gradually diminish and your facial muscles may eventually return to how they were before treatments commenced. A monthly top up treatment is recommended to maintain results.