LPG Endermologie treatment is a technique that drastically reduces the cellulite content in our body, aids fat loss and tightens the skin with various techniques like massages, rolling and manipulation of tissues to boost collagen production from within. We have the latest technology featuring the brand new Alliance cellu M6 here at W1.
The procedures involved during treatment help to permanently lose cellulite, improve circulation, promotes fat loss, re-shapes the body, gives a new radiance to the skin tone by tightening the skin and also helps relieve the minor muscular pains and aches.

Summary of your treatment


Hernia, Angioma, Painful varicose veins, lipoma, cancer under treatment, pregnancy, infection/skin rash, phlebitis/thrombosis, anti-coagulant treatment, liposuction (clients need to wait 6 months post operation).