You might choose a micro-needling treatment in London to resurface your skin, for speed or effectiveness. Whether your skin has texture to it due to large pores, acne scars, or fine lines, the micro-needling treatment is perfect for you. The combination of product penetration and the wound healing process gets rid of bacteria and stimulates the skin's regeneration process for a fresh start. But on top of that, one of the many beneficial aftereffects of the treatment is that it allows your skin to absorb your topical products (such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C) more deeply. So that your regular skin care treatment feels all the more nourishing.

So what is micro-needling and why are so many people turning to it as an alternative to other treatments?

Benefit from an almost pain-free treatment. Before your micro-needling treatment goes ahead, your face will be gently numbed using a special gel. This gel is allowed to work for up to 30 minutes before your treatment begins. This gives it plenty of time to work. The effect of the gel is to reduce the feel of the treatment to a very mild discomfort indeed.
The slight redness that most people experience after treatment is the only kind of you need to factor in. The redness usually lasts for less than one hour, with a day being usual only if you have very sensitive skin. After a day, you can even resume your usual skincare regime.

Get revitalised afterwards. Once your treatment is finished, a post-micro-needling facial will help you to feel fresh and vital. You will be soothed and your skin will be hydrated, leaving you free to go on about your day.

Summary of your Micro-needling treatment

  • Procedure Time

    1 hour estimated

  • Full Recovery

    2-4 days estimated

  • Risks and Complications


  • Price

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  • Back to Normal Activity


  • Anaesthetic

    Local anaesthetic cream

  • Results

    After 10 days but always recommended to have 2-3 treatments for full results


1Micro Needling Treatment Areas
Dull skin, Dark circles, Atrophic facial scars (most beauticians recommend micro-needling for acne scars, chicken pox scars), Redness, Stretch marks, Hyperpigmentation, Wrinkles and fine lines.
Severe allergies, infections around treatment area.
Avoid exposure of treated area to high temperatures such as using the sauna, steam, gym, sun exposure. Avoid touching or rubbing the area for 24 hours after your treatment. Apply Vaseline on treatment area until redness subsides and skin isn’t dry.
4Treatment Results
The results of the treatment are cumulative. So, while you will certainly notice a difference after a single treatment, you will want to consider an entire course of treatment to continually encourage your skin’s healthy production of elastin and collagen. For most wrinkles or stretch marks on the body, you may need 4 to 8 microneedling treatments to achieve optimal skin-tightening results.