A tan is the skin’s natural way of protecting it against sunburn. The key step in UV Tanning is preparation. Determining exactly what the client needs, their skin type and the levels of tanning required. We know that Tanning is not just about looking good but it is also about our client satisfaction, getting exactly what they want, taking care of what is methodologically best for them. At W1 we take pride in offering great tanning solutions for everyone, providing responsible, hygienic UV tanning in a safe and controlled environment.

We offer stand up and lie down booths, using only high quality, state of the art tubes, guaranteeing skin protection and safety.

Healthy skin is the base necessity for a tan. To help achieve this you can buy our indoor tanning products which are designed to provide critical moisture to the skin before, during and after tanning.

Summary of your treatment

  • Tanning session

    4-20 minutes

  • Full Recovery


  • Risks and Complications


  • Price

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  • Back to Normal Activity


  • Anaesthetic


  • Results

    24 hours, lasts as long as your usual sun tan would


1What to expect
Upon arrival, our team will recommend the optimum number of minutes required to achieved the desired effect and that is suitable for your skin tone.