Want gorgeous hair free skin instantly? Choose our waxing treatment carried out by our amazing team of beauty therapists who have been waxing skin for decades. This semi permanent hair removal treatment will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth in no time as it works by removing the hair from the root. Not only does it exfoliate the skin removing the layer of dead skin cells, it also enables hair regrowth to be much finer and sparse meaning treatments become less painful and less frequent. We provide wax treatments for both men and women.

Why waxing?

If you are choosing semi permanent hair removal then waxing is far superior to shaving, hair removal creams and epilation since it it gives smoother longer lasting results than all other forms and is less painful in comparison to epilation. We also offer hot wax treatments (£5 surcharge) which is virtually pain free and very effective for sensitive areas and first timers.


Summary of your treatment

  • Treatment Time

    10-60 minutes estimated depending on treatment area

  • Full Recovery


  • Risks and Complications

    Sensitivity, redness may occur

  • Price

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  • Back to Normal Activity


  • Anaesthetic

    None required, you may take pain killers before treatment

  • Results

    Immediately visible, lasts 4-6 weeks estimated


1Pre Treatment
Hair should be at least a ¼ inch long. Refrain from shaving at least 2 weeks before waxing. Do not tan the areas 1-2 days before treatment. If you are getting any bikini areas waxed, you should wear cotton underwear to prevent irritation. Don’t consume alcohol or large amounts of caffeine 8 hours before treatment as this can cause the pores to tighten which can make the treatment uncomfortable.
2Post Treatment
Bumps and redness post waxing is common and will gradually reduce a few hours to 1 day after treatment. You may feel itchiness after, please do not scratch as this may cause further irritation because you skin is especially sensitive. Hair grows in different cycles, meaning some hairs will grow back faster than others so after your first wax you should wax every 3-4 weeks until the hair grows slower and refrain from using other methods of hair removal as this can make you susceptible to itchiness and ingrown hairs as well as hair growing thicker which can make subsequent waxes more painful. Do not rub the waxed areas 1-2 days after treatment as the follicles will be open which can cause further irritation. You may tan 1-2 days after treatment as you are more susceptible to sun damage during this period. Exfoliating the skin regularly after 2 days post treatment can help prevent ingrown hairs.